During your career, you may have an opportunity to speak with your CEO. Thoughtful questions can also help your CEO build a rapport with you or keep you in consideration for high-level projects. In this article, we will provide questions you can ask your CEO and how they can benefit you.

Willingness to accept more responsibilities is a highly desirable characteristic in many companies. It shows that you are invested in the business and want contribute however you can.

Asking your CEO how you can help outside of your current responsibilities demonstrates your desire to be more involved in organizational matters. Accepting more tasks can have additional benefits. For example, helping your coworkers with a challenge will help you become more valuable within your team, and more responsibility can increase your chances of interacting with other departments where you can build strong relationships.

smart questions to ask a politician

You will know what management needs from you. With this information, you can develop goals that help with your career advancement. It shows you care about the company and want to develop a strong work ethic, increasing your value.

Many CEOs are continually looking for ways to improve their companies. Knowing what your CEO wants to change can help you identify and assist them with their objectives. For example, if your CEO tells you that they want to increase the funding for the customer service department, you know that they care about client satisfaction and can prioritize this value accordingly.

You can also see if other managers and executives in the organization share the same ideas. If they do, then you know the leadership team is aligned and where change may occur in the future.

Understanding where you can expect developments can help you prepare for change and demonstrate your flexibility. This question will help you understand what your CEO prioritizes and how they manage their time. Finding out more about their interests will help you get a better understanding of their habits and how they handle the responsibility of being the CEO.

This can be a way for you to connect with your CEO if you share similar interests. Every company leader measures success in different ways. The answer to this question can help you gain valuable insight into what your CEO finds important. Try to use this information to develop more specific career goals.

You can also learn more about what your CEO prioritizes and how their values align with the company mission statement.

Additionally, executives must deliver clear guidelines for teams to follow to ensure they uphold company standards. Companies start from an idea or need. Knowing why they thought this company had a great idea will show you more about what they value.As electoral battlegrounds are prepared all over the country, from Assam to Kerala, we are treated to the sight of netas of various political factions making a lot of noise. As always, it is a leap of faith.

15 Tough Questions For Political Candidates

The voters in Kerala, for example, are being asked to accept as a politician and hence, a custodian of public moneya cricketer who has been found guilty of match-fixing. In Tamil Nadu, absolute devotion to either of the two leaders who have run the state for the last forty years is the only qualification needed to hold office. In West Bengal, which once led India in intellectual thought, one form of thuggery has been replaced by another, and if the election has been only somewhat violent, we should consider it as a triumph for the Election Commission.

Assam is a mystery as ever, but here too one sees an election fought along religious and caste divides rather than over issues of policy. This is nothing new.

This is not to say that Indian netas are unique. From Canada to Africa, corruption is ingrained in politics by its very nature. By giving an opportunity to make wealth from public money, being in government has been an open gateway to corruption. Yet, there are degrees of corruption, and when we speak about giving power to people, it should be noted that there are worse things a neta can be than having a tendency to skim a few rupees from the coffers.

Being stupid is one of them. A politician enjoys a position of power; a degree of control not just over public finances but also over public policy. The decisions they take affect our lives in many ways, from the food we eat to the entertainment we consume. A good man or woman, someone who is sincere and also intelligent, someone who is authoritative but open to criticism, is the best that a people can hope for.

Unfortunately, Barack Obama is not interested in entering Indian politics. Neither, with his middle name, Hussein, does he stand a chance of being elected. So perhaps it is time to shed the silence and start asking some tough questions to the people who knock on our doors or pollute our ears with their words, spoken over loudspeakers, or pollute our televisions with their visages.

If you lack a degree, that is fine, tell us about your life and how that has shaped you. What is your stand on corruption? How will you take a principled stand against it?

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How do you justify your refusal to take a firm stand against the rising forces of intolerance? What is your stand on religious freedom? How will you protect the rights of me, as your constituent, against the elements in your party that wish to take away my individual freedoms?

How do you justify the dependence of your party on an unconstitutional, unelected body of ideologues?Less than a month remains before the first Tuesday in November, and the current election cycle is finally beginning to peak. Democrats seem to be keeping a fairly low profile this year, perhaps conscious at last of the mounting frustration of an electorate that has had a bellyful of government imposition in the form of a health care law that was enacted over the protests of many Americans.

The memory of November and the house cleaning that took place in Congress that year is still causing sleepless nights for many politicians. The real issue for this and for every election is determining which candidate best understands and supports the proper role of government. The trouble is, most candidates have a tendency to become rather chameleon-like when running for office and can endlessly spout heart-warming platitudes about their love of liberty, patriotism, and the Constitution.

I can attest to the fact that these questions — and their follow up — allow candidates virtually no wiggle room for escape.

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Try them on those lucky candidates with whom you have the opportunity to chat and watch them either shine or slink away in shame depending upon their knowledge and understanding of the Constitution, which they will swear to uphold in their oath of office.

Can you name some areas where government could probably do some good, but where it has no delegated power to act? Should someone who has sworn an oath to protect the Constitution, but who then votes to allocate tax funds to programs or departments not authorized by that Constitution, be punished?

If not, why not? Is operating any local business for profit a privilege, for which a citizen should apply for a permit, paying a fee or tax? Do residents of this state have a right to buy and keep machine guns? Why or why not? Should judges tell jurors they have a right to decide whether the law in question is constitutional?

Is it a fair trial if the judge tells the jurors they do NOT have a right to decide the constitutionality of the law? Should judges be allowed to prevent defendants from presenting any defense they choose? If not, what is the proper recourse in the case of a judge who refuses to let the defendant do so? Should judges exclude prospective jurors after questioning them and determining they do not favor the law which the prosecution seeks to enforce? Should juries have been stacked in the s to guarantee convictions under the Fugitive Slave Act?

Alfred the Great summarily executed judges who replaced jurors who refused to convict.

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Would this be a good solution for us to adopt, today? Why not? Is it okay for police to tell drivers they have to consent to such a search?

If a police officer searches a car without a warrant, should the police officer be arrested and put on trial? If a police officer stops a car in which the driver is carrying a legal pistol, with a permit, should the officer disarm the driver before proceeding to write a ticket? If police serve a search warrant which does not list any firearms, but they find firearms in the house being searched, is it OK for them to seize the firearms anyway?

Can it succeed? Should all drugs be legalized? Should recreational drug users be committed for psychiatric treatment? Can you think of any ways to improve enforcement of the 10th Amendment? Asking these types of questions requires a sweet boldness, a dose of diplomacy and a willingness to suffer the slings and arrows of those who are unaccustomed to being held to account.

smart questions to ask a politician

Bryan Hyde is a radio host, husband, father, graduate student at George Wythe Universityand seeker of truth. He does professional voice work through his company One Clear Voice. He and his wife Becky are raising their six children in Cedar City, Utah.I spent weeks sifting through the data, modeling different scenarios, and perfecting my plan.

OK, maybe I wasn't trying to be sure. What do you think? My new shift rotation worked on paper. It even worked in practice. But it screwed up the personal lives of a bunch of great employees. Luckily, I pulled my head out of my rear and moved everyone back to their old rotations.

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What happened? You probably have, too. Or a limiting question. You asked the right question, but you asked it the wrong way. Feel free to state the problem or issue in detail, but limit your question to one sentence. Say you have a quality problem and have come up with two possible solutions.

Each has positives and negatives. So you seek input from an employee. Or maybe she'll say, "What if we tell the customer up front there is a problem, ship everything to them, and take a crew to their warehouse to sort product? That reduces the impact on the customer. They can use whatever is good and won't have to wait for the entire job to be rerun. Instead of sharing options, just state the problem. Then ask, "What do you think? They'll respond much more thoughtfully -- and often will come up with ideas you never considered.

As a leader, you're supposed to have all the answers, which means asking certain questions might make you feel vulnerable. But it shouldn't. When you ask questions, you show respect.

You show trust. You show you're willing to listen and learn.Have you ever met a leader you really admired at an industry conference … only to go completely blank? Maybe you felt a little starstruck.

Maybe you knew there were all sorts of good questions you could ask them … but you ended up blurting out the first one into your head. Having been on both ends of the situation in my career, I can definitely relate to this scenario. All you need to do to make things different next time is to have a few great questions up your sleeve. Be prepared for unexpected answers. It might be their kids or their spouse, or something they achieved twenty years ago, rather than their current business.

This can be very revealing — and it may steer you away from dangerous mistakes that are only really obvious in hindsight. As a leader, you should be regularly reading great books by other leaders: these will contain the best of their wisdom in an easy-to-digest format. This can also be revealing, and it may lead you to follow other great leaders in your field. It can also be an opportunity to find a good point of connection — perhaps one of those role models or mentors has also played a part in your life.

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A good partnership can lead to great gains on both sides … but a poor one can eat up a huge amount of time, energy and money. This question helps you learn the red flags to watch out for. You might not yet be in a position to hire a full-time employee, but even working with the wrong contractor can cause a lot of hassle.

smart questions to ask a politician

You might want to take a mental note of how many goals they have and what timeframe those goals cover, and see how their approach to goal-setting compares to your own. By learning how other leaders do it, you could prevent serious problems for your own company in the future. How patient would they be? In some ways, this is the flip side of the previous question. Be cautious with these types of questions — but not too cautious. Which leader would you love to chat to at a conference? Let me know in the comments.

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How Donald Trump Answers A Question

Thanks SB. I usually ask questions during a conference or seminar whenever it is possible but definitely see the advantage of having this 15 questions memorized. It opens doors of interesting conversations. Thank you for sharing!

These are some pretty good questionso to ask. That one can potentially provide so much information and if you want to be just like them, you could emulate that risk yourself …. Your email address will not be published. Share: Share. What are you most proud of? Who are your role models or mentors? How do you keep your employees or team members keen and motivated?You should be assessing the employer just as much as they're assessing you, because you both need to walk away convinced that the job would be a great fit.

So when the tables are turned and the interviewer asks, "Do you have any questions for me? It's the best way to determine if you'd be happy working for this employer and whether your goals are aligned.

Read more: 19 questions you should never ask in an interview — and what you should ask instead.

smart questions to ask a politician

Like thank-you notes and firm handshakesasking questions is also a formality that some interviewers expect out of potential hires. You should have at least four questions prepared in case your original two are answered through the course of the interview. But don't just ask questions for the sake of it, Hoover says.

To benefit from them, you'll need to think carefully about what you want to ask. And you'll want to avoid certain questions.

Asking smart, engaging questions is imperative. Here are 34 smart questions to choose from — if they weren't already answered — to help you get a better sense of the role and the company and to leave the interview with a positive, lasting impression:.

Before you begin asking your questions, find out if there's anything they'd like you to elaborate on. You can do this by saying something like: "Yes, I do have a few questions for you — but before I get into those, I am wondering if I've sufficiently answered all of your questions. Would you like me to explain anything further or give any examples?

Not only will they appreciate the offer, but it may be a good chance for you to gauge how well you're doing, says Bill York, an executive recruiter with over 30 years of experience and the founder of the executive search firm Tudor Lewis. If they say, "No, you answered all of my questions very well," then this may tell you you're in good shape. If they respond with, "Actually, could you tell me more about X? Hoover recommends this question because it's a quick way to figure out whether your skills align with what the company is currently looking for.

If they don't match up, then you know to walk away instead of wasting time pursuing the wrong position, she says. It's important to ask about the pecking order of a company in case you have several bosses, Vicky Oliver writes in her book " Smart Answers to Tough Interview Questions.

What are the Questions we need to ask our Political Leaders?

If you're going to be working for several people, you need to know "the lay of the internal land," she says — or if you're going to be over several people, you probably would want to get to know them before accepting the position. This question is not for the faint of heart, but it shows that you are already thinking about how you can help the company rise to meet some of its bigger goals, says Peter Harrison, CEO of Snagajob.

Knowing what skills the company thinks are important will give you more insight into its culture and management values, Hoover says, so you can evaluate whether you would fit in.

Hoover says this question gives you a broad view of the corporate philosophy of a company and of whether it prioritizes employee happiness. While this question puts you in a vulnerable position, it shows that you are confident enough to openly bring up and discuss your weaknesses with your potential employer.

Hoover says this question lets you "create a sense of camaraderie" with the interviewer because "interviewers, like anyone, usually like to talk about themselves and especially things they know well.

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Knowing how managers use their employees is important, so you can decide whether they are the type of boss that will let you use your strengths to help the company succeed. Asking about an offer rather than a decision will give you a better sense of the timeline because "decision" is broad, while "offer" refers to when it's ready to hand over the contract.

Harrison says this is a respectful way to ask about shortcomings within the company — which you should be aware of before joining.

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As a bonus, he says, it shows that you are being proactive in wanting to understand more about the internal workings before joining. This shows your eagerness about the position, Harrison says, and it gives you a better idea of what the job would be like on a daily basis so you can decide whether you want to pursue it. The main point of this question is to get your interviewer to reveal how the company measures success.Note: It will help if you already know when you plan to travel to Washington D.

To find out good dates, check the schedules for the House and Senateand avoid weeks that either the House or Senate is in recess this includes vacations and district work periodsand the week just before or just after a recess — those are the times lobbyists are less likely to be in town. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Lobbying The goal is to speak with someone other than a sales person Note: All lobbyists and all managers at lobbying firms are sales people.

If they ask, tell them about your company, but try not to tell them much about your project. If they seem suspicious, you can tell them that. Ask them the following questions: How long have you been in business?

15 Brilliant Questions to Ask Other Leaders

How many lobbyists do you have? How many of them work for you full-time? How many clients do you have right now? Are there any particular agencies you have particular strength in? Are there any particular issues you have particular strength in? Appropriations, health issues, taxes, defense, etc. Are there any particular industries you specialize in?

If it sounds like a match, ask to speak to a lobbyist about your project. When you get a chance to speak with someone, give them some details about you and your project: What is your organization, and what do you do?

What is your project or issue? What are your lobbying goals? When are you looking to start? Repeat the same questions you asked the receptionist and see if you get the same answers, or answers tailored to what you just told them. How long have you been a lobbyist? If we worked with you, would you be the person managing our project?