Update : According to some reports, this method may no longer work on Huawei and Honor devices. To give you a brief background, I myself have encountered this issue. It was my own curiosity that caused the error to appear on my phone in the first place, but I was able to fix it using this method.

If you are uncomfortable doing this, then I recommend that you do not to proceed.

saintlad fix device not certified

First, check if your device is not certified just in case the error message is not enough to convince you. To do this, go to the Play Storetap the hamburger menu, go to Settings and scroll all the way down to About.

Get your Device ID. This is a digit alphanumeric ID which you will need to certify your device with Google. After registering, you may enter your Google credentials on the Play Store. And you might as well reboot your device for good measure. It bears repeating that I cannot guarantee that this will work with other devices experiencing the same error. Bryan is a tech and gadget enthusiast who spends his day blogging, writing fiction, and watching NBA clips on YouTube.

Hello Bryan. I have this problem on my Huawei Mate 30 and I try your method. I even wait around 1 day and couple restart. And i try change somethings, turn off notification of play store and reinstall app.

I even wait around 1 hour and couple restart. I even turn off play store notification. Hi, I tried this many times….

Impossible to launch the play store and to register. Mate 30 PRO.So let us first understand What this Error really means and What causes this error to pop up on our Screen. The Company promotes the Manufacturers which gets the license and also warns the user who uses Unlicensed Smartphone on their website as:.

Device is Not Play Protect Certified Fixed With Magisk Module

The first activation of the device itself will warn the user that there is no Guarantee of Google Media Services on this device which includes Google Play Services and Google Play Store as well.

The Downloads from the Google Play Store would be blocked on such devices. Although the user can still use any third party App Store or can install desired apps using APK file s.

Google has taken steps against the Manufacturers which refuses to obtain a license for Google Media Services from it.

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saintlad fix device not certified

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Log into your account. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.Spotlight search is one of the crucial features of your iPhone or iPad. This feature is integrated into your apps so you may have faster search results when searching websites, email messages, applications or map locations. It can be very frustrating if this feature is not functioning, primarily if you use it often for various essential tasks.

This often happens with older versions of the iPhone and iPad since they have lower technical capabilities. But no worries. We have managed to get together all the most effective and working solutions that have been tested and suggested by users into this guide. It is possible that the security feature is having bugs and is affecting the Spotlight search function of your iPhone or iPad. Though only do this if you understand the risk of easing the security of your device.

Spotlight search indexing can be impeded if the file that is handling language in your Apple device has been corrupted. This is a pretty common cause and multiple users have reported that this solution managed to fix the issue for them. Another setting that might be causing the conflict with your Spotlight Search is the Predictive and Checking Spelling function.

To make sure that your device is searching for the correct keyword and do not change it through these functions, you need to disable it. Go to the Settings of your device, then tap Generaland then Keyboard option. Disable Predictive option and Checking Spelling on the Keyboard settings page.

Dictionary function also has a similar service and needs to be disabled as well. To do that, go back to the Settingsthen Generaland then tap on Dictionary option. Toggle the button to disable the feature.

Now that you can make changes in your device settings, you will be to use the Spotlight search with no problem. But if ever you still have issues with the Spotlight search, proceed to the next method. An application may be having a conflict with the Spotlight search app. This usually happens because different developers develop each application.

As a result, it can sometimes cause compatibility issues because these developers have their specifications. And their outdated design may not match with the new feature such as the Spotlight search. To fix this, you need to disable the search option in each application. You may need to enable it one by one to see which app is causing the conflict.So if you see a device not certified error on your Android phone, you can easily fix it.

This initiative was taken to avoid misuse of Google apps and Play Services on devices manufactured without any certification of any kind. Moreover, there are many manufacturers and Android phone that do not ship with Google apps and services such as the Amazon Kindle devices, Nvidia, all the way to some lesser known Chinese brands.

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Google believes there are many uncertified Android devices out there which should not be misusing Google apps and services. It is a list of requirements and guidelines that Android smartphone and tablet manufacturers must follow. Moreover, passing the Compatibility Test Suite CTS is required if the company wants pre-install Google apps and services on their device.

Here is a list of certified partners. So what triggers the device uncertified error? Unlocked Bootloader, Rooting your device, flashing custom ROMS, flashing custom packages such as Magisk, Xposed, and of course, installing Gapps on uncertified devices.

This may be due to the Gapps packages like the Open Gapps. Device manufacturers work with Google to certify that Android devices with Google apps installed are secure and will run apps correctly.

To be certified, a device must pass Android compatibility tests. If you are unable to add a Google Account on your Android device, your Android device software might not have passed Android compatibility tests, or the device manufacturer has not submitted the results to Google to seek approval. As a result, your device is uncertified.

This means that your device might not be secure. After this note, you may most likely not be able to access any Google apps and services. So if your device is uncertified, you can approve it from Google itself.

However, before doing so, you can try the simple alternatives first. It may or may not work with every device. The developer of Magisk Manager talked about possibilities on fixing the Google certification error using Magisk.

The latest Magisk v If not this, then the upcoming Magisk Beta may most certainly bypass this error.

How to Fix Device is Not Certified by Google Problem

Sarang is an Android enthusiast and has been a tech blogger for various other technology websites. Android is all he talks. View all posts by Sarang. Skip to content Close Search for: Search. Close Menu. Related Content. Published by Sarang.Google has started blocking certain devices from accessing the Google Play Store and other Google services. This is part of an effort to clamp down on OEMs that skirt its certification requirements, but now millions of phones have been uncertified to download or update Google apps.

Fortunately, there are a few workarounds. To help ensure a consistent user experience on all the various Android devices out there, Google requires that manufacturers pass its Compatibility Test Suite, or CTS, if they want to ship devices with Google apps and services pre-installed.

Most companies comply with these rules and get their phones certified. Others, however, will either fail this test or ignore it completely, then opt to sideload Google's apps and services instead, so the tech giant has taken severe action to curb this practice.

Before getting started, you'll want to make sure your device has been blacklisted by Google so you don't waste any time. If you purchased a banned handset, you'll get a warning prompt stating "device is not certified by Google," preventing you from signing into your Google account. Although you can still complete your phone's initialization, you won't be able to access the Google Play Store due to your device's uncertified status.

If you're still unsure if you're affected, open the Play Store app. From there, head to the side menu by tapping on the hamburger icon in the top-left corner. Tap on "Settings" next, then you can see your phone's status by going to "Device certification" on the bottom of the page. If it says "Uncertified," try the tips below. The first workaround involves registering your device with Google.

Unfortunately, this fix was originally meant for pre-approved and certified devices that were modified to run on custom ROMS like LineageOS or Resurrection Remixso it won't work with all affected devices. So open the app and copy the number within the "Google Service Framework" tab. Immediately after tapping "Register," your registered ID should appear on the page. Save this for future reference, but there's nothing you need to do with it. Instead, just try logging into your Google account again or using the Play Store to download an app — while it will still appear as "Uncertified," this should whitelist your device and bring back most functionality.

If this method failed to grant you access to Google services, there's a decent workaround. It won't let you use Google apps that depend on Google Play Services or an account login, but you will be able to download apps from the Play Store, at the very least. So make sure you have Unknown Sources enabled on your device, and grab the file from the link below, then open it and press "Install" when prompted. Once you've got it installed, using the Yalp Store is pretty simple — it has all the same apps you know and love from Google Play, since it's actually downloading the apps from the Play Store for you.

If you'd like to learn more about the Yalp Store's features, check out the following guide:. If all else fails, the final option is the most difficult of the three, but it gives you the best chance of re-enabling Google apps and services.

Basically, you'll have to root your device with Magiskwhich is a root method and framework that doesn't trip up Google's SafetyNet system. We've outlined the proper way to root with Magisk at the following tutorial:. Once you've successfully rooted and installed the Magisk framework, open your Magisk Manager app and head to the Downloads section in the side menu. From there, search for " Play Store Visa " and install the top result.

saintlad fix device not certified

This module will trick the Play Store into thinking your device is certified, which should restore your ability to download apps, but may not fix any Google app login issues. Want to help support Gadget Hacks and get a great deal on some sweet new tech? Check out all the deals on the new Gadget Hacks Shop.Or perhaps you find that the camera despite it working on your computer does not work when it comes to using with Microsoft Teams?

Whatever issue it is with Microsoft Teams, this guide is written for you. Microsoft Teams is a great tool which often is used for collaborative efforts in workspaces or even in educational classrooms where users can chat, send and share content, as well as have group video calls, conferences and much more. However plenty of users have reported issues on the Microsoft forums like this, this and this just a few of the many examples where Microsoft Teams does not detect camera on Windows PC.

We have encountered the same issue as well as we tested Microsoft Teams and what follows in this guide is the tried-tested solutions which we have found most-effective. The solutions below are also a credit to all the contributors over on the forums as well as our readers who have kindly shared their solutions with us to test.

The very first thing you should check is if provided the permission for Microsoft Teams to use your camera and microphone. From there, repeat what you did for Steps 4 and 5 for the microphone as well. Once again try testing to see if your camera works after enabling the access.

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If the permission options were already turned on initially, try turning them off, leave it for seconds then turned them back on. Ask is a secure option if you do not want your camera turned on without being prompted every time you access Microsoft Teams. Block prevents Microsoft Teams from accessing or even detecting your camera.

Firefox makes it a secure and straightforward way to handle the websites that you want to provide access and the ones to not. You can remove it at any time by selecting it from the list and clicking the Remove Website. Try testing to see if your camera works after enabling the camera access for Microsoft Teams web app. Several users have reported that updating their drivers with new ones helped with the issue and allow Microsoft Teams to detect the camera.

We will walk you through the steps:. Now there is something lacklustre about asking your machine to lookup drivers for you, and it may or may not do a great job of it. We have included driver pages for a few brands below for convenience:. After that, proceed with the steps below. If your camera comes integrated with your PC, then proceed with the steps below as no reset it required.

Once done, restart your PC and then try using your camera once again with Microsoft Teams to see if the issue is fixed.

How to fix “Device is not Play Protect certified” error

If you have a spare webcam with you, try to plug it into your PC and see if the new camera works with Microsoft Teams compared to the old one. Now if you find that it does, then you know that the old webcam was the issue. If your old camera is one that comes integrated with your PC, then proceed with Method 8 and consider visiting your PC manufacturer or whoever you bought the PC from to assist in replacing the camera.

This method can be a little complex for some as it involves using the Windows Powershell to re-register the camera. However, we have made the steps simple with instructions where all you need to do is copy-paste the one-line of code given into Windows Powershell. Re-registering the camera can be thought of as re-establishing the camera connection so that the system detects it accurately.

Credit goes to user Kapil Arya on this suggestion over on the Microsoft forums. Get-AppxPackage -allusers Microsoft.Hi there!

At the moment we do not have enough resources at hand to cater for a Kindle app. Will pass it on to our dev team as a feedback though, thanks! That is easy to do. I would also like the Wyze app on my Kindle Fire! I just bought my first Wyze camera and I love it! I just ordered a second camera! I have my Fire Tablet on my bed stand and would love to view my cameras before turning in at night….

Just download the app onto the card you removed from your tablet. Insert it back into your tablet and install. I got Wyze app for Kindle Fire working easily. But first, you need to install the Google Play store on your Kindle Fire. It was easy to do. Once you have installed Google Play store on your Kindle Fire and you are ready to download the Wyze app, ignore the part about the app may not be compatible with your device Kindle Fire.

I had no problem installing it. I have the Wyze app installed on my iPhone and Kindle Fire.

saintlad fix device not certified

Changes I make to settings on one device updates the settings on the other device. I just upgraded to the latest app version 1.

Including the ability to format the SD card from the app. Jon - Your instructions worked perfectly! The app works awesome! I too would like to use it on my Kindle HD. Thank you SO much for this information. Thank you again for the info. Get the App Support. Just a suggestion. Is there an app in the future for Kindle tablets? Install the Google Play store, and then install the Wyze app from there. I would rather wait for an app to be available.

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