News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. BLOOD stinging his eyes and with a shattered right leg, Awindra Pandey lay barely conscious on the cold floor of the bus as his friend was savagely gang-raped. Awindra, 28, and pretty Jyoti Singh Pandey, 23, had been left stranded in a strange area of the Indian capital New Delhi by an irresponsible rickshaw driver.

When a bus stopped to pick them up, the pair gleefully jumped on board — but as the doors closed, their horrific ordeal began. Both were beaten senseless before Jyoti was dragged to the back of the bus and gang-raped. While Awindra would recover from his injuries, Jyoti passed away 13 days after the attack on December 29 last year. Violent protests erupted in Delhi and women of all ages took to the streets to show their anger.

It haunts me to this day. The memory of that night will now shape my future. She is always on my mind. Every morning I get up and I remember her, so I can say every day is an anniversary. We all have a part to play.

Awindra — the son of a lawyer raised in a middle-class family in Uttar Pradesh, northern India — met Jyoti in May in Delhi through a mutual friend. After the film, they took a rickshaw but the driver refused to take them the full distance and dropped them in the middle of nowhere. Desperate to get home, the friends were relieved when a white bus with blacked-out windows stopped next to them.

After taking a seat, they switched the lights off and moved on.

Awindra Pandey: Jyoti’s death tortures me every single day

Within minutes, the men launched their attack. My eyes were open, I could hear everything but my body was paralysed. Eventually the bus stopped and Awindra and Jyoti were thrown on to the road — naked, bloodied and seriously injured.

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I kept waving for help. When the police eventually arrived, Jyoti was rushed to intensive care in Delhi while Awindra was treated for a fracture of his right leg. He could not move his arms for a month and was unable to sit or walk for long periods because of the injuries to his back. Awindra managed to see Jyoti on December 20, although doctors said she was in a serious condition.

Why Did the 'Nirbhaya' Delhi Gang Rape Case Stun the World?

She was pleased when I told her the culprits had been caught. Jyoti was transfered to Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore but tragically she passed away from internal injuries on December 29 — her death making the news all over the world.

Despite his devastation, Awindra knew he had to be brave to see the perpetrators brought to justice. I challenged myself to face what had happened. I faced those men in court. I was so angry when I saw them — I recognised each of them. They have been unrepentant.

In September, after a fast-tracked trial, all four rapists were sentenced to death — gym instructor Vinay Sharma, 20, bus cleaner Akshay Thakur, 28, fruit-seller Pawan Gupta, 19, and Mukesh Singh, Ram Singh — co-accused, brother of Mukesh Singh and widely considered the leader of the group — was found dead in his cell in March, having apparently hanged himself.

A minor was sentenced to three years in a reformatory institution. Seeing the culprits brought to justice has offered little comfort to Awindra. The charity also runs a call centre for women in distress or suffering violence and abuse. Many people in India believed there would be a sudden change in attitude following the devastating death of Jyoti but 12 months on, Awindra is convinced there is still a long way to go. If one is murdered that is acceptable but a rape survivor is not accepted.

The barbarity of the attack highlighted a rape crisis in India that had been simmering for some years. Elsewhere, women demonstrate in Bangalore and thousands march silently in Kolkata.In Decemberprotests broke out across India after news of a horrific gang rape exploded into global view.

The crime—the gang rape of year-old physiotherapy student, Jyoti Singhcommitted by six men on a bus in the capital territory of Delhi—was so brutal that it shocked the world and jolted the Indian legal system into reconsidering its protections for women.

Once they boarded the bus, six men shut off the lights and locked the doors before beating Singh and Pandey with iron rod. All of the perpetrators had been drinking before the assault, police say, and had robbed a carpenter on the same private bus earlier in the day.

After brutally raping and torturing Singh on the moving bus, including with the iron rod, the perpetrators threw her and Pandey out of the vehicle. Both victims were bleeding and stripped of their clothing and other valuables. How did Delhi police first learn about the assault? An FIR is a criminal complaint document that some countries, including India, use that can set the investigative process in motion if police decide there is enough evidence. An FIR can be filed by a victim, a witness or close associate of the victim on their behalf.

Following the FIR, Delhi police sprang into immediate action to locate the offenders. How did the investigation proceed after the gang rape? Less than 24 hours after the attack, police used CCTV highway-camera footage to locate the key suspect, bus driver Ram Singh. He was found in the same vehicle where the assault took place, and immediately arrested. Singh was transferred to Safdarjung Hospital in New Delhi to receive medical care.

Parents want Nirbhaya’s real name for museum

She gave official statements on December 16, 21 and 25 using gestures and multiple-choice answers. She was later airlifted to Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore for more extensive medical care.

She ultimately died of liver failure on December How did the public respond to the Delhi crime? A wave of international demonstrations demanded justice for Nirbhaya and crackdowns on sexual assault. UN Women, a global advocacy group working for gender equality and improved human rights, called for swift, decisive action to protect more women in the future.

The Nirbhaya case also sparked a series of conversations about sexual-assault laws in India. What happened to the six defendants? The juvenile perpetrator whose name was not officially released was convicted of murder and rape. He received the maximum sentence for underage perpetrators—three years in jail. He was released in They were sentenced to execution by hanging.

Now on death row, three of the convicted attackers lodged clemency pleas with the Supreme Court in This is one of their last legal resorts after their initial appeals resulted in having their death sentences upheld in Their clemency pleas were denied that same year.

Akshay Thakur, another perpetrator, remains on death row as well. What changes came about in the Indian legal system as a result of the Nirbhaya case?

The new law criminalized sexual offenses like acid attacks, voyeurism and stalkingand provided for year prison sentences for rape and the death penalty in extreme rape cases. What are the latest details on the Nirbhaya case? Her family has also established the Nirbhaya Jyoti Trustan initiative that provides shelter and resources for victims of sexual violence.

They were the first executions in India since Thousands of protesters clashed with police and battled Rapid Action Force units. Demonstrators were lathi charged, shot with water cannon and tear gas shells, and arrested. Similar protests occurred throughout the country. More than women belonging to various organisations demonstrated in Bangalore.

Thousands of people silently marched in Kolkata. Tens of thousands signed an online petition protesting the incident. On 24 December, activist Rajesh Gangwar started a hunger strike saying, ""If my death shakes the system and gets them accused in the gang-rape case hanged, I am ready to die". Seven metro rail stations in New Delhi were closed on 22 December to discourage protesters from gathering at Raisina Hill.

On 24 Decemberpolice blocked roads leading to India Gate and Raisina Hill to prevent possible mass protests, and closed nine metro stations, affecting thousands of transit patrons. News reporters were not allowed to reach India Gate and Raisina Hill. In addition to CrPC sectionwhich disallows assembly of groups larger than five, curfew was imposed near the presidential residence. The Hindustan Times accused police of using excessive force against the protestors, reporting that tear gas canisters were used at India Gate and elsewhere in Delhi to disperse the crowds.

An article in First Post criticized the Indian government as well, saying that they failed to act positively or give credible assurances to the protesters and instead used police force, lathi-charging, pushing the media out of the scene, and shutting down metro rail stations.

Police stated that peaceful protests had been "hijacked" by hooligans and political activists. During one protest, a police constable named Subhash Tomar collapsed and later died in hospital.

Two witnesses claimed that Tomar collapsed without being hit by any protesters, while a third disputed this. Hospital doctors and the post-mortem gave contradictory reports: he died due to cardiac arrest, but it is not known if the heart attack was caused by blunt-force injuries that he suffered to his chest and neck.

Some experts state that his chest injuries may have been a side effect of the administration of CPR. The Delhi Police arrested 8 young men and charged them with Tomar's murder and rioting at India Gate. Later in Marchthe police admitted in the High Court they had no evidence against the eight and gave them a clean chit. Meanwhile the youths have intended they might move the court against the commissioner of police, seeking criminal proceedings against him for his 'irresponsible' move to book them on murder charges in the first place.

In the page charge sheet, the Delhi Police described the juvenile as the most brutal of the six accused. The accused was declared as 17 years and six months old on the day of the crime by the Juvenile Justice Board JJBwhich relied on his birth certificate and school documents.

The JJB rejected a police request for a bone ossification age determination test for a positive documentation of his age. On 28 January, the juvenile was declared to be a juvenile by the JJB.Written by: Navneet K. He is very fond of writing poetry and about Social Issues. Think - Our fears and unwillingness to engage has let our society n country to collectively fall so low.

If one has a iota of desire to see a better India, the change has to come from within First say - imresponsible.

Castrate them and then kill them. And to any of you who passed by without helping them, rot in hell.

jyoti singh pandey real facebook profile

Let the victim's family give punishment to those animals. Hang them in public Best way I can not believe, even one person out of six, did not feel the pain what Jyoti was going through and it didn't come to their mind, what if it is their own daughter, mother, or sister crying for help!!! This is our India. What a shame!!! People act as though they have never seen a woman. We are so backward.

jyoti singh pandey real facebook profile

We think, nobody else thinks we are better than any other country, and our culture is way better than western culture. We look so low, so backward. Now the whole world thinks, India is not a safe place, especially for women. Women can not move freely in India. I have no doubt in my mind that these guy deserve death sentence which should be done with Joyti's family's presence.

That way, Joyti's soul will rest in peace and going forward people will be aware of the consequence. Anonymous treat them like rabbish dogs put them on roads naked show their face to every city by keeping them naked then take them back where they commited crime and kill them by cutting into small small pieces.

But in India govt will change and change these bastards will grow boss. They have defamed humanity and brought brutality to whole new level No wonder India is ranked in top 5 for worst places to be a Women.

The only hope is the nations youth now. Hang all these mc and there family also and the same with thing with their families than they realise what they had done. Let Hot iron rods be shoved up thier rear end. Miracles wont happen think its high time people take law in thier own hands.

Its disgusting to read your comments. Most of them are as inhuman as the crime was. If you encounter violence with violence, you are far away from civilization.

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Do you remember Breivik, the sick guy from Norway who killed 80 children? The Norse population reacted with endless sorrow and sadness and thought about what needs to be changed instead of inventing cruel ways of vengeance.

India, it's a learning tramp. Arrest them till the end of their lives. Those 6 "men" deserve death. But perhaps it's more punishment if they will be locked up for the rest of their lives and perhaps some cell mate will show them what it means to be raped again and again!!!!Her name is Jyoti. The year-old student at the center of a barbaric gang-rape case in India — and whose death has put a spotlight on violence against women — has been identified by her own father, Britain's The Sunday People reported.

They will find strength from my daughter. Pandey's family has left New Delhi, where the Dec. Five of the six accused in the rape and beating of Jyoti, a physiotherapy student, will appear in court Monday to hear the charges against them. A sixth suspect will appear in juvenile court. I punched them hard," the year-old friend said. After the torture session, he claimed, the group left them on the street. The friend also said they were ignored by passersby and authorities didn't even arrive for about 30 minutes.

Police denied Saturday that it took that long to reach them, and time was only spent finding bed sheets from a nearby hotel to cover the brutalized victims. While the friend suffered a broken leg, Jyoti was flown to a Singapore hospital for her extensive injuries. She died Dec. Prosecutors say they have enough evidence to convict the men, who face the death penalty.

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The juvenile suspect could reportedly see three years in a reform facility if convicted. Indian authorities had tried to keep the victim's name from being publicly disclosed. It's against the law to identify a rape victim, The Sunday People reported, unless the person dies and the family consents.

Jyoti's devastated dad recounted the first moments he saw her in the hospital and how she cried out in pain. He said his daughter hoped to get a job as a doctor and support the family, including her two younger brothers.

Badri Pandey said he's thankful for the outpouring of support, and thinks of Jyoti now as "India's daughter. Skip to content. An Indian protester wears a jacket with slogans during a protest Sunday against a gang rape in New Delhi last month. Indian attendants carry Rajesh Gangwal, a protester on hunger strike, to the ambulance after his health was critical from not eating the last 13 days during a protest against a gang rape in New Delhi last month.

The victim had just left a movie with a male friend when they decided to board a bus. A young Indian girl lights a candle in memory of a gang-rape victim in New Delhi. The case has led to mass demonstrations in support of women's rights and the high number of violence against women, who often feel powerless. The Daily News Flash Newsletter. You are now following this newsletter. See all newsletters. Most Read. Outraged staff, local residents say Brooklyn nursing home kept dead coronavirus patients in room cooled only by air conditioning.

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Latest Crime. Florida man arrested for murder after release from jail to stem coronavirus spread. New Jersey man arrested after entering two stores without a mask in three hours and picking a fight. Florida husband accused of murdering estranged wife pretended she was dying from coronavirus, cops say. Online drug dealer accused of developing detailed plot to bomb Nebraska pharmacy.

निर्भया केस : जानिये सभी 6 दोषियों के बारे में ...

SEE IT: Chilling video shows year-old calmly shooting apartment manager in both legs over water damage.The tragic death of Jyoti Singh Pandey. Posted by Sarah on September 04, However, on a cold December night in that all came to an end, as Pandey became a victim of one of the most gruesome crimes the country of India has ever seen--gang rape.

Without hesitation, they decided to board a bus. There were a total of 5 men on the bus, with 6 men including the driver and now 7, including Awindra Pandey. Shortly after they boarded the bus, Awindra grew incredibly suspicious because the bus started going into an opposite direction and the doors closed immediately after. When Awindra confronted the men with his suspicions they began to taunt him and Jyoti.

As the banter continued, the men began to beat Awindra with a rusty iron rod. He was beaten so badly he was knocked completely unconscious. In efforts to escape, Jyoti was dragged against her will to the rear end area of the bus. They proceeded to beat her with that same iron rod which was a rusted wheel jack handle shortly before raping her.

As the bus driver continued to drive, they began to take their perversion to the next level by inserting that same rod into vagina. During this time Awindra tried to fight them after he gained consciousness and they started to beat him until he was knocked out again. Jyoti Pandey was beaten so badly she was unrecognizable, she was raped to the level that her intestines were hanging out of her body, and tortured so horribly she was put into a coma days after the crime.

Nirbhaya (Delhi Rape Victim) Age, Death, Biography, Family, Facts & More

As she continued to bleed, these savages continued to brag about what they have done before throwing her and her friend Awindra off the bus as it was moving. As both continued to fight for their lives, Jyoti was able to tell the cops some of things that happened to her. However, after days of fighting, she underwent a series of surgeries to correct her injuries including removal of her remaining intestine.

She suffered a series of complications including pneumonia and stomach infections shortly before she was declared brain dead. And due to her injuries, Jyoti Singh Pandey tragically lost her life on December 29, And 24 hours after the crime was reported, the police were actually able to trace the suspects.

Raju Singh, who was a minor at the time of the crime was never fully charged for his part, as he was only 17 when the Delhi Rape occurred. Mukesh Singh and Pawan Gupta decided to appeal the decision. Ram Singh, who was described as the worst of the group was found dead of an apparent suicide by hanging; however, theorists believe he was murdered. Both Singh and Gupta lost their appeals. Raj, the youngest of the perpetrators, who was just 17 years old at the time is now a free man according to sources.

He did little to no time at all yet was part of the crime with five other men.Jump to navigation. Delhi gangrape victim's friend relives the horrifying 84 minutes of December 16 night The sole eyewitness to the December 16 gangrape and Jyoti's friend Avnindra Pandey, relives those 84 minutes of horror on that fateful night Watch video. Jyoti Singh, a physiotherapy student, was raped and tortured by six men in a moving bus in New Delhi on December 16, The crime led to widespread anguish and protests across the country.

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On September 13,a judge sentenced the four men to death after they were convicted of the crime. The fifth convict didn't see the day as he hanged himself in Tihar Jail.

The sixth, who was five months short of 18, escaped death and will, in fact, be out in a couple of years as he was tried under juvenile laws and got only three years in a reform home. That is the maximum sentence a juvenile can get. Delhi gangrape victim's friend Avnindra Pandey. For sports newsupdates, live scores and cricket fixtureslog on to indiatoday.

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