Introduction to Java Programming

Post a Comment. Pages Home Books Affiliate Disclosure. Daniel LiangY. A private int data field named speed that specifies the speed of the fan the default is SLOW.

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A private boolean data field named on that specifies whether the fan is on the default is false. A private double data field named radius that specifies the radius of the fan the default is 5. A string data field named color that specifies the color of the fan the default is blue.

The accessor and mutator methods for all four data fields. A no-arg constructor that creates a default fan. A method named toString that returns a string description for the fan. If the fan is on, the method returns the fan speed, color, and radius in one com- bined string. Draw the UML diagram for the class and then implement the class. Write a test program that creates two Fan objects. Assign maximum speed, radius 10color yellowand turn it on to the first object.

Assign medium speed, radius 5color blueand turn it off to the second object. Display the objects by invoking their toString method.

The fan is OFF. FAST ; fan1. Daniel Liang. No comments :. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.This page was copied from Introduction to Java.

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Java is an object-oriented, cross platform, multi-purpose programming language produced by Sun Microsystems. First released init was developed to be a machine independent web technology. Since then, it has earned a prominent place in the world of computer programming. Java does have some drawbacks. Since it has automated garbage collection, it can tend to use more memory than other similar languages.

There are often implementation differences on different platforms, which have led to Java being described as a "write once, test everywhere" system. Lastly, since it uses an abstract "virtual machine", a generic Java program doesn't have access to the Native API's on a system directly.

None of these issues are fatal, but it can mean that Java isn't an appropriate choice for a particular piece of software. See History of Java article section at Wikipedia. One thing that distinguished Java from some other languages is its ability to run the same compiled code across multiple operating systems. In other languages, the source code code that is written by the programmeris compiled by a compiler into an executable file.

Java is different in that it does not compile the code directly into machine language code. Compilation creates bytecode out of the source code. Bytecode generally looks something like this:.

The JVM is essentially an interpreter for the bytecode. It goes through the bytecode and runs it. There is virtually no difference for the end-user, but this makes it a lot easier for programmers doing software development.

It is distributed by Oracle. It contains the core libraries and compiler required to develop Java. Follow the instructions for downloading the JDK installation file. Windows: If you are running Windows, simply run the executable file and follow the installation instructions.

Save the downloaded file in any drive. Once you have saved the file, extract it to a place that you can remember, by using Terminal or by double clicking on the file. When you have finished extracting the file, copy the JDK 1. You can delete the downloaded zip file so that it doesn't take up space on your drive. Macintosh: The latest available JDK is automatically installed by the operating system.

Because Java for Macintosh is developed and maintained by Apple, in coordination with Sun, the current version on the Macintosh may not be the current version that is available from Sun. Before writing code, it is recommended that you set the Path variable on your system so you can compile your code more easily.

introduction to java programming individual assignment

The only drawback is that because Apple handles development and maintenance of Java on the Mac, there is usually a delay from the time that a new version is released by Sun and the time that the new version is released on the Mac.

Also, getting the latest version sometimes requires an operating system upgrade. Java programming notes for Macintosh - feedback from new Java programmers. Anytime you learn a computer programming language, it is tradition that the first program you write should be to make your computer say, "Hello World".

This is a small feat, but is a good opportunity to make sure that you installed the JDK properly. The Java compiler reads basic text files. Open up a text editor like Notepad Don't use a complex program like Word for this.Lectures This page provides information about online lectures and lecture slides for use in teaching and learning from the book Computer Science: An Interdisciplinary Approach. Flipped classroom. If you are an an instructor teaching introductory computer science, an effective way for you to teach the material in a typical college class is to adhere to a weekly cadence, as follows: Each week, send an email to all students in the class that briefly describes activities for that week lectures, reading, and programming assignments drawn from the book or from this booksite.

Students watch the lecture videos at their own pace, do the readings, and work on the programming assignments. This is just one suggestion—this material can support many different teaching styles and formats.

Important note: A common mistake in teaching a flipped class is to add too much enrichment material. Our experience is that time in class meetings is much better spent preparing students for success on programming assignments and exams. If an instructor makes it clear that the best way to prepare for exams is to watch the lecture videos and do the reading, most students will do so. Class meetings then can involve interacting with students and with the material in such a way as to reinforce understanding.

For example, working with potential exam questions is an excellent activity. An effective way to learn the material on your own is to watch the lecture videos on some regular schedule, do the associated reading, and attempt to solve some of the exercises in the book or on the booksite on your own.

If you get stuck on a particular exercise, find some others or try to solve some of the problems given in the lectures without looking at the solutions there. Available lectures. During the spring ofthe lecture videos are freely available.

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When watching a lecture video, it is very important to choose an appropriate speed. If it is too slow, you are likely to be bored; if it is too fast, you are likely to get lost.

Also be sure to make liberal use of pause and rewind. The lecture videos are available from CUvids ; the lecture slides are in pdf format.

Lecture 0: Prologue—A Simple Machine. This lecture introduces fundamental ideas of computation in the context of a familiar and important application from the field of cryptography.

The story motivates the study of computer science, but the concepts covered are a bit advanced, so novices may wish to review it again after watching the other lectures in the course. Lecture 1: Basics. Why program? This lecture addresses that basic question. Then it describes the anatomy of your first program and the process of developing a program in Java using either virtual terminals or a program development environment, with some historical context.

Most of the lecture is devoted to a thorough coverage of Java's built-in data types, with example programs for each. Lecture 2: Conditionals and Loops. The if, while, and for statements are Java's fundamental control structures. This lecture is built around short programs that use these constructs to address important computational tasks. Examples include sorting, computing the square root, factoring, and simulating a random process.

The lecture concludes with a detailed example illustrating the process of debugging a program.

introduction to java programming individual assignment

Lecture 3: Arrays. Computing with a large sequence of values of the same type is extremely common. This lecture describes Java's built-in array data structure that supports such applications, with several examples, including shuffling a deck of cards, the coupon collector test for randomness, and random walks in a grid. Lecture 4: Input and Output. To interact with our programs, we need mechanisms for taking information from the outside world and for presenting information to the outside world.

This lecture describes several such mechanisms: for text, drawings, and animation. Detailed examples covered include fractal drawings that model natural phenomena and an animation of a ball bouncing around in the display window.Build your knowledge and confidence with easy-to-understand examples and plenty of skill-building exercises. So, whether you just want to try it out to see if you like it or plan on doing more with Java, this is a great place to start!

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This course uses the latest release of Java, from Oracle, the company that maintains and supports the language. You will also learn how to use BlueJ, a graphical development environment designed especially for students. Both are free open-source products, and you will receive the proper instructions to download them.

By the time you're done, you will be comfortable with Java programming and ready for more! Java is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world, on machines from microprocessors in DVRs and microwaves to supercomputers. This lesson will introduce you to computer programming in general and to Java in particular. First, you will be set up with the downloads and installations you will need for the rest of the course.

Then, you will explore the process of editing, compiling, and running computer programs written in Java. Now that you have the software downloaded and installed, you're ready to start programming! It's time to write your first Java program. Along the way, you will learn to create projects and classes in BlueJ.

You will use the editor to enter your program, and you will find out more about how to compile it and run it. This lesson is about Java's primitive data types—the building blocks you need to use before you can build more complex types. First, you will learn how to use them in some simple programs and how they relate to each other.

Beyond that, you will explore how to use these classes in the Java libraries. This lesson introduces classes and objects. While doing that, you will look at how to declare classes, objects, attributes, and methods to Java. This lesson covers how to declare data variables to Java and how to use variables in arithmetic expressions to calculate new results.

You will learn about data input, which means getting information into programs from an outside source. Then you will write a program that incorporates all these features. Making decisions is one of the most important and powerful things a computer language can do. Without decision-making, computers would be big, bulky calculators. This lesson explores the decision-making process in detail and see how Java does it.

When you're done with this lesson, you will know how to write Java programs that make decisions based on the principles of computer logic. In this lesson, you will learn to repeat actions using a control structure called a loop.

Loops in Java involve decisions, just as branches do. But in a loop structure, if the condition is met, the branch is backward instead of forward.

introduction to java programming individual assignment

This lesson focuses on how Java generates exceptions and how to prevent them from crashing your programs. You will learn about class methods and how to call them without creating any objects. Last, you will find out about a debugger, which lets you look at what's going on inside the program as it runs. This lesson is a grab bag of tools and topics.If you've ever tried to teach yourself programming and couldn't quite get going, then these assignments are for you.

Refined over fifteen years, these are the assignments I have used to teach the basics of Java to nearly 2, ordinary public school students over my career. Especially if you have never coded before! If you have any questions about these assignments, please read the Frequently-Asked Questions at the bottom of this page.

Happy coding! No, I didn't forget. Back inI didn't have any assignments to explain new concepts.

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I taught my students everything through lectures. Then in I stopped lecturing and started creating "assignments" to replace my lectures. I got some of these completed, and you see them here.

Students worked through the material at their own pace and asked me questions in person about anything that I hadn't gotten around to. Now students now use my book to learn each concept and then they use the rest of the assignments listed here to practice. Sorry for the inconvenience! Buy My Books!Email: support AustraliaBestTutors. Home Recent Questions Question Com Your program must produce the correct results.

You are only allowed to use techniques which have been covered in the first six weeks of the course, you must use the Scanner object for input and no advanced data structures like arrays will be used.

Instructions for this appear in the implementation section of this specification. Use Alt-PrtScrn to capture just the console window and you can paste it into your Word document.

Introduction to Programming in Java/Introduction to Java

You should test every possibility in the program. Assignment specification Nemo Reef Tours program Nemo Reef Tours is company which takes passengers on a tour of the Great Barrier Reef, the tours depart at am and returns around pm. A smorgasbord lunch is also provided along with the opportunity to snorkel among the exotic fish and coral. This program will allow staff at Nemo Reef Tours to compute the cost of a group of passengers to take the tour.

The management of Nemo Reef tours would like to encourage more passengers to take the tour, so it was decided there would be discounts for a larger number of passengers in the booking group. One to two passengers: no discount. The Nemo Reef Tours management has asked you to write a program to help employees determine the charges for booking a tour and to also produce some statistics You are to write a Java Console Application NemoReefTours.

For each booking the program will prompt for and accept the booking name and the number of passengers for the booking, it will then display the charge see sample output below for formatting details. For simplicity the bookings will be for the following day. When all the bookings have been entered you need to report the maximum and minimum number of passengers per booking and the relevant booking name, the average number of passengers per booking and the total charges which have been collected.

The required Java Console Application should allow the user to: 1. For each of the N bookings: enter the Booking name, and then enter the Number of passengers. The program will output the charge for the booking. All dollar values will be formatted to two decimal places see implementation below with help for doing this. You must ensure the booking name is not blank so you must implement a validation loop so a booking name is entered.

The number of passengers must be a positive number non-zero and you will also need to implement a validation loop so valid number of passengers are entered.

The program will number each booking in the input prompt. Note: if more than one booking has an equal maximum or minimum passengers you just need to only output one booking name. The numeric literal values N, number of passengers for the different discounts and discounts must be represented as constants. Implementation A large number of students have never written a program before so this is a fairly simple assignment which can be written in the main method of your class.

Follow the steps outlined here and build your program up in a step by step fashion and always compile your program at each stage so you are always working on error free code.

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Note: In order to combat the problem of the Scanner objects reading both textual and numeric data a good way to counter this is to declare two Scanner objects, one for reading text and another for reading numbers, or you can clear the buffer after the int read using nextLine Create a loop to loop N Times, COMPILE! Output the description of the transaction see sample output below Output all dollar values and average to two decimal places: USE: System. You may want to set your original max and min variables to very small and very large numbers using Integer.

You will need to add up the number of passengers as you go so you can calculate the average. After the loop you will output the statistics which you have gathered in the loop.Our website is number 1 in Java Assignment Help.

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The syntax of Java is in fluent English which makes it simpler for the learner to comprehend and keep in mind, too. The compiler knows that such code might easily create a FileNotFoundException. It gets confused here. The Java compiler therefore knows the most often encountered exceptions and the situations where they may occur.

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It can even keep running inside a web program, or a web server. It is not just a new idea in mobility.

Java Homework Help

Java, among the most popular programming languages out there, offers a great deal of choices. It does not have suggestions. You also ought to have installed the Java JDK.

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The point is to use a technique that offers the correct HTTP status for the action being performed within a specific context. One of the most usual challenges that the enterprise developers face is the way to take care of requests coming in from web-based customers.

The next point to indicate is what the action is going to be called. Regarding getting an internet application ready to go quickly, play is the very best. Play Framework will render the webpage server-side.

There are lots of Java Web Frameworks obtainable for Java web developers. There are 2 methods to deal with exceptions. Trying out online examples is an excellent approach to come up with your specialization in Java. The absolute most typical tasks involve writing code to fix some issue.

Picking the proper tool for the correct purpose goes quite a distance, especially in regards to building modern web applications. The official direction of developing a new Play application entails the use of the tool Type safe Activator. As a consequence the Play application with the specified name is made in the designated directory.

Another means to make a new app is using the sbt new command. Additionally, it is going to work at any variety of passed strings! Or, you could construct your own portfolio site. You may see the presentation and demo video on my site. The book is broken into short chapters with an assortment of examples, and that means you perceive the new data in the proper proportions.

introduction to java programming individual assignment

Each chapter consists the items with a lot of practical advice and a superior review of the most recent Java features. It includes an introduction to the topic, example, additional explanations plus the exercise to consolidate theory. He or she is a typical need websites to assist with writing essays because of the difficulties in.

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